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An individual who spends much of their time adamantly sharing thoughts and opinions on subjects they know very little about, often on internet blogs or social networking sites, wikis, or in their general community.Often this process becomes enabled by their audience, as ignoranteers seem to attract others of their own kind, who blindly follow and assert their incorrect and naive rantings with mostly short, misspelled, and often caps-locked exclamations.
If you call it an "ATM machine" instead of an "ATM, unless you get your money from an Automated Teller Machine machine..."

If you still think race is relevant (all your doing is keeping it relevant, the concept is outdated people, it's all about how much money you have now that people will judge you based on, not what skin color you have. C'mon get with the program...)

If you say "for all intensive purposes..."

If you think people from Mexico speak Mexican...

If you post about how addictive and dangerous marijuana is (look it up, zero deaths from substance use, no addictive properties)...

If you rip on anime fans because you think what they are watching are children's cartoons...

If you thought Saddam was behind the 9/11 attacks...

If you think global warming is no big deal... are an ignoranteer.
by Xero _ Manifest November 05, 2011
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