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The word originated when a sister once told the other sister that she no longer like the word IDIOT. So the two geniuses came up with IGGETT and swore they would use that phrase whenever they refer to someone as an IDIOT.

It’s a simple word to use and these two creative individuals laugh and have fun for hours finding new ways to use their new term “IGGETT.” Give it a shot you’ll like it, they sure do!!!
The word "Iggett" can be used in many different ways and can be combined with other words to make new word, such as follows:

Sister says to other sister: “Why are you being such a Biggett or Quit being such a Biggett”

Definition “Biggett”: Bitching Idiot
#idiot #dumb #smart #genius #intelligent
by Barbra Patty Iggett May 05, 2011
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