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A beautiful, smart, funny, and incredibly sarcastic girl usually of Nigerian origin. Her names means precious or God's gift. She is very intellectual and competitive. Amazing at track, soccer, and basketball. She has a lot of self confidence and can brighten up any room. She's super friendly and makes friends easily. She usually goes by the nickname Iffy or Ife
Guy 1: Ifeoma just helped me on my algebra test
Guy 2: really, she just scored 30 points in the basketball game too
Guy 1: her moto is no pain no gain
by Chlochlo109 December 14, 2013
doesn't always tell the truth, but has many friends.. although they may not like her all too much. has a funky smell but it doesn't always smell repulsive. big beautiful eyes usually destract you when talking to her. although she may be nice, I wouldn't trust her.
Dude - My girlfriend turned out to be such an Ifeoma
by sammi48601 February 12, 2011
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