'Un'abbreviation for F.U.C.K Me. It's the name of a song by Britney Spears and it has the same meaning for very informal 'f*ck me'.
I know I'm a star and everybody wants to if you seek Amy!
by Nangerous November 07, 2008
Top Definition
Phrase popularized by Britney Spears, though used in clubs before that. Pronounced phonetically it spells
Oh baby baby If You Seek Amy tonight
by AislinLovell December 14, 2008
If you seek amy, if broken down, sound's like F.U.C.K ME.
"All the boys and all the girls are begging, to if you seek amy"
-Britney Spears "If You Seek Amy"
by Jared Banano December 08, 2008
v: F-U-C-K ME
obvious pronunciation: eff/if-you-see-kay-me

Britney Spears' newest controversial single to hit the radio waves causing a ruckus in what seems to be the adult world. Currently laws in which deem songs offensive or unsuitable are not being completely considered because the lyrics and title are being acknowledged as an embedded message. However it may not last long since Britney and her camp are already considering revamping the song.
"all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy"

quick kiddies cover your ears!
by ae123456 January 27, 2009
"If you seek Amy" is code for Fuck Me. Originated from the Britney Spears song, "If you seek Amy", where the line if you seek amy is slurred producing F. U. C. K. Me.
"Dude, Veronica sent me a text saying 'If you seek Amy'"
"Dude, you are getting pussy tonight!"
by itsokweknow January 24, 2009
If(F) + You(U) + Seek(CK) + Amy(ME) = fuck me. Track from Britney Spears album, Circus.
"All of the boys and all of the girls are beggin' to If You Seek Amy"
by 1223334444 November 29, 2008
A clever way to not say "fuck me"
F.U.C.K me- sounds like If You Seek Amy
"All of the boys and all of the girls are beggin' to If You Seek Amy"
from Britney Spears's Circus CD
by KJo1204 December 02, 2008
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