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A name given to someone extremely intelligent, caring and beautiful - both inside and out. Someone who will never fail to put a smile on your face and someone you will forever be in debt to. Iestyn will always make sure you feel special and will never hesitate to brighten your day. Iestyns usually have dark hair and thick eyebrows and are very very beautiful. If you have a Iestyn in your life, never let them go - they are wonderful, beautiful, kind, smart and just amazing.
"Who is that boy?"
"That's Iestyn,"
"Wow, he's gorgeous."
"I know right, all the girls love him, he's such a nice guy too."
"Wow I wish he was my boyfriend."
"Same girl, same."
by someone who loves iestyn December 11, 2016
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Often thought to mean homosexual, however is actually a persons name. A strong believer in family ties, can often be found feeding on their mother (bitty) until a suitable honey bee can be found. Scrawny Welsh man often found eating biscuits. A Iestyn can often be found with a hoard of socks, and is reluctant to return them to their rightful owner when asked. These socks are referenced to as his love socks.
Is that an Ethiopian over there, oh no wit its a Iestyn.
by HarperMaynards February 28, 2013
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