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condition favoring a genetic predisposition for suboptimal performance.
We dont expect much from people diagnosed as idiopathetic
by idiopathetic January 17, 2012
To have no knowledge as to why someone is substandard, or has substandard performance.
I dont know why you did something that stupid, it was idiopathetic.
by PoindexterAlbert May 11, 2014
absurd, laughable, pitifully inferior, or inadequate quality -- especially if arising spontaneously or from an obscure or unknown cause.
• From whose ass did you pull that idiopathetic pick-up line??

• I am equally amused and bemused by Matthew Inman's idiopathetic cartoon style

• Nice decor, but this restaurant has idiopathetic service
by bobsyourunclesbollocks December 04, 2013