1) The middle, 15th, of March. Caesar (Julius) was told to be cautious of this day and the forwarning was clearly valid.

2) An excellent metal tune by Iron Maiden.

1) "Caesar...beware the ides of March!"

2) "The Ides of March is a heavy tune from a heavy band with clear and present "warning" lyrics!"
by psiscott2000 April 23, 2006
Top Definition
The middle of march. It was used in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.
The Ides of March are approaching.
by Cyber Ghost March 19, 2004
The 15th day of March, whiich is also the day the Julius Ceaser was assinated
Julius Ceaser was assainated by the Roman consuls on the Ides of March
by Paij April 02, 2006
One month after the ides of February, the day you started paying for forgetting about valentines day.
Beware the Ides of March
by Dan March 18, 2004
1. a band that plays great music such as Vehicle

2. the 15th of march, Julius Caesar died on that day

3. one month before tax day
1. I'm your vehicle baby I'll take you anywhere you want to go I'm your vehicle woman by now I'm sure your know That I love you Need you I want to got to have you child great god in heaven you know I love you

2. Et tu, Brute!

3. have you paid your taxes yet, tax day isnt that far away, only one month
by Ed May 31, 2005
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