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a mean defensive tackle who will sit ur ass down
damn man iceman just sat me down again
by iceman October 27, 2004
1. a person who has lots of jewelery, especially in his mouth

2. Paul Wall, the rapper, as refered to in the song "Grillz"

3. an eskimo

4. a person that is very cold
Its the ice man Paul Wall, got my mouth looking something like a disco ball.

Geez Bill, you've got so much bling on your grill, they should call you the ice man.
by James Barton April 02, 2006
An electric guitar manufactured by Ibanez.
The Iceman has a very high-pitched noise.
by eSouth April 03, 2005
- Is a member on Acmlm's
- Has an own board called Ice Board
- Can't die
- Is the best
Look at him, a friend of mine:Chris
by Ice Man February 15, 2005
fooled out playa hatin gangsta killer; aka cold harted killer; aka my uncle giovanni; aka hitman
"yo fuck i heard the mob sent uncle giovanni to ice u."
"for shiznit, dang homey, im gon roll up on outta this hizzouse."
"fo sho fo sho, ud best be bouncin b4 the ice-man shows himself and teaches u a lesson u never thougt ud learn"
"werd up, thanx for the 411"
"ud better go b4 we gots to call 911"
"werd peece nigga."
by straight up gangster nigger phil February 10, 2005
a man who stares fearless into the eyes of danger.
a little arab boy who frags the weak and huttles the dead.
owns dave
yo the ice man just owned dave again
by rhaabb January 12, 2005
1) A person who resembles Val Kilmer in either physical appearance or social mannerisms, or both. 2) A person given to constantly quoting Val Kilmer's lines from the film "Top Gun." 3) An untollerable know-it-all.
Mr. Block is always certain that he is correct and won't stop telling us how dangerous and foolish we all are. He even looks like Val Kilmer. He is such an iceman.
by Mr. Pink June 14, 2004
The best player in q3 ctfs.

Ice-Man dmg/time 120/20
Mashlin dmg/time 14/20
by Paine September 07, 2003