a mean defensive tackle who will sit ur ass down
damn man iceman just sat me down again
by iceman October 27, 2004
A friend or associate who attempts to shoot down your chances of picking up a girl. The opposite of wingman.
"She was about to take me to her place until Russ pulled an Ice Man and told her I was unemployed."
by etafatdik August 08, 2009
total badass in the movie top gun. by far the best pilot ive ever seen
russian dude: shit its iceman we r fucked
other russian dude: ya man i hear hes banged a chick while flying supersonic
russian dude: shit he on my 6 o'clock im gonna die bitch
by kelly mcginnis December 08, 2008
a person who runs around NAKED in the SNOW for hours at a time without being phased by it. he also has an enormous penis which is not shrunk AT ALL by the ice cold snow. an iceman is very brave and will do almost anything. an iceman is rarely seen with clothes on. he is great with the ladies.
the iceman slid into home plate naked in the snow at 2 in the morning.
by iceman49 October 07, 2008
Marijuana with so many crystals it looks like an ice cube. Once smoked, especially through a bong, one's world will get retarded.

Bill, I think after hitting that ice man last night, not only was I blunted, but I think I have down-syndrome.
by burrowsbl October 01, 2007
A wingman that laughs at all of his own jokes even if they aren't funny.
If it weren't for Iceman's laughing, I wouldn't know he was joking.
by Caexar January 07, 2007
A move used during sex in which after ejaculation you wipe up the cum with your hands and use it to spike your hair. This move is used in the movie There's Something About Mary.
"I came on her back in great threads of man milk and before she could reach the towel I pulled the ice man. She looked at me with a combination of disgust and admiration."
by Beanoh September 09, 2006
1. a person who has lots of jewelery, especially in his mouth

2. Paul Wall, the rapper, as refered to in the song "Grillz"

3. an eskimo

4. a person that is very cold
Its the ice man Paul Wall, got my mouth looking something like a disco ball.

Geez Bill, you've got so much bling on your grill, they should call you the ice man.
by James Barton April 02, 2006

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