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It is a mis-pronounced version of "asshole", from the movie Johnny Dangerously where Roman Moronie used to butcher the English language.
You fargin icehole, I'm going to put your bells in a sling.
by bn880 August 27, 2006
Asshole. From the movie Johnny Dangerously.
You stupid farking ice hole!
by yousef November 21, 2004
Somebody talented at ice-skating, who is usually a decent person, but on stepping onto the ice, proceeds to show everyone up and act in a general dickish manner.
You know, I thought Dan was pretty alright, but when we went ice-skating it turned out he's a real ice-hole.
by Captain46226 May 15, 2013
A pepperminty sweet schnapps that is made in the great white north of Minnesota. It is meant to get people especially women super drunk for super cheap. The fastest way to drop a woman's panties.

Also comes in cherry, butterscotch, plum, and XXX grapefruit, but those flavors suck.
A little known fact is that Vermillion, SD, is the second highest per capita consumer of this wonderful ambrosia.
Dude 1- "Holy crap did you see the hottie I took home last night?"

Dude 2- "Yeah, she was DTF because of all the shots of ICEHOLE you bought her!"
by Augustus Boarsblood December 04, 2012
When a chimney sweep has a bone to pick, but there's school children nearby, you are called an ice-hole.
Futch you, ice-hole.
by ghostcoins December 01, 2013
A person or persons who feel the need to put down or criticize someone else’s opinion in order to make themselves feel their options are correct or legitimate. Usually someone who is insecure with themselves. First spoken in the movie “Johnny Dangerously”
That fargin icehole hates everthing and everyone.
by Roman Maroni August 13, 2003
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