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A term invented by a dude in Lakeville Minnesota for an alternative to the term "ice fishing". Ice fishing is a popular winter past time in the northern states, and as most the time ice fishing amounts to just drinking beer in a fish-house or on the ice, the term ice drinking was a logical alternative as it more accurately described the activity. A dude from Lakeville Minnesota by the name of Lane copyrighted the term "ice drinking" as he was selling "Ice Drinking" T-shirts at ice fishing contests.
I was out ice drinking with the boys and got a DWI.

Damn dude, do I have ever have a nasty hangover. I was ice drinking last night, and now I feel like dog shit!

Screw snowmobiling, let's just go ice drinking!

Me and Jane went ice drinking, and she caught two walleyes and I got laid.
by Salty 40 February 03, 2013

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