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1) When you bang outdoors during the winter and the guy finishes on the girl, but its so cold out that the cum freezes

2) The opposite of the broiler
I took Samantha to Rittenhouse Park and Ice Creamed her. She said she liked it a lot more than the broiler.
by Coty Evin April 21, 2010
When a guy busts on a girl, any part, but mainly the chest or face.
"Hah. Yesterday I ice creamed that girl so bad after she sucked me up"
by DamnIt69 May 11, 2010
When a cornetto is shoved into the female vagina the ice cream inside is then licked out , when no ice cream is left the women climaxes to cruch the cone inside the women then stands up leaving pieces of cone falling to the fall the women then eats these pieces and / or shares themwith her partner
A kinky couple ice creamed and the female was hospitalised for 3 weeks
by Bidda June 11, 2007
When a cornetto is shoved into the female vagina and the ice cream inside the cone is then licked out, when all the icecream is gone the female climaxes to crush the cone, the women then stands up making the remains of the cone fall out of her vagina she then eats the remaining pieces
One day a kinky couple descovered Ice creamed they tryed it out and the women was hospitalised for 3 weeks.
by Bidda June 11, 2007
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