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When a guy busts on a girl, any part, but mainly the chest or face.
"Hah. Yesterday I ice creamed that girl so bad after she sucked me up"
by DamnIt69 May 11, 2010
To meet a girl, and have sex with her that same day.
Sometimes in terms of rape, or close to it.
Or could be a one night stand, and both male and female wanted the sex. Yet, the guy's intentions were to hit it then quit it.
Some boy I met at the club robbed my bank (rob the bank) last night. Fuck, I didn't even get his number to call him back for a second date. Mother fucker.
by DamnIt69 May 11, 2010
A nickname to be given to a fat, blubbery kid you know.
"Man, Shut up tum tum"
by DamnIt69 May 11, 2010
Fat Ass bitch
Short for fabulous
A way of calling someone gay without them knowing it or hearing
Fuck a Bitch
But mainly...
Fuck and Buck!!!
or Fat Around Bitch
Yo, dat female is a FAB! goddamn.

That dress is just FAB.

Da fuck, iz dat nigga fab.?

Fab in the ass, she'll cry.

Ayo, i'm bout to FAB yo female tonight.

Man she a FAB, no lie, look at her. I wouldn't tap dat for a million.
by DamnIt69 May 11, 2010
Someone who eats the sac/pussy.
A hairy pussy specifically.
"Yo, kidd, you nasty eating dat gurrl like a lawn mower dat you r. Dat sac gotta b hairless nigga, u dun want a mouth full of hair"
by DamnIt69 May 11, 2010
An insult to someone who is really fat and disgusting .
"Ay, I says shut up you grease ball, before I roll yo ass down a hill!!"
by DamnIt69 May 11, 2010
Original Gansta
Ol' Girl
Which means your mom.
Ice T is an OG

Ma OG keep calling me, damn, I think she found out I got an F on my exam.
by DamnIt69 May 11, 2010

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