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Short for "I Want Your Life". Usually said to a person who lives an amazing lifestyle when your own life sucks. Said normally to rich people, or girls with hot boyfriends. Mainly people who have it all/everything.
Girl 1: "I'm going to California for 2 weeks, then when I get back I'm getting a pet chihuahua!"
Girl 2: "oh my god IWYL".
by jerseyshorefan(: September 12, 2010
IWYL means I Will You Love.
It's in a negativ way, so you can say it to a person you don't like or if the person says something meen about you or any other person.
Girl: Go fuck yourshelf bitch.
You: IWYL.
Girl: ...

Boy: Your so ugly, I don't even now how you can live with yourshelf. Go and kill yourshelf.
Boy: ...
by Dragonlove13lolo December 02, 2013
Its an abbreviation that means "I'm Wishing You Luck."
Joe: "I have a really important soccer game today."

Bob: "Have Fun, IWYL"
by That GuyWhoAbbreviates March 01, 2011
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