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A tool of a student who attends Indiana University and continuously shows off their toolness by talking shit about Purdue University.
"Who cares if Purdue won, you still have uglier girls and your bars are bogus."

"Oh, have school spirit..yeah i use to have school spirit in junior high...Maybe you act this way because you were a loser in high school and now you think you're cool because you're in a frat at IU. Maybe i didn't go to IU because i didn't want to get a drinking ticket every time i take a step. Or maybe you're just a cock face. And yes IU does have hotter women, maybe that's why i shave my balls every time i visit in anticipation of them being licked, but a majority of your women are stuck up Jew faced bitches. So why don't you do me a favor and focus more on staying at your school rather then trying to talk shit about mine because you're still the same loser your were in high school and i suggest you suck on my cock and ball.....IUchebag."
by Much doper purdue student. March 31, 2009
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