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It is the acronym for "I smile(d) a little." This would be a more suitable replacement for the use of "lol" because everyone knows we don't really "laugh out loud" when we IM the term to a fellow companion.
Yesterday, I made a formspring account because I was really bored. My friend Keben decided to write on my formspring some really embarrasing stuff about himself. However, he didn't select the anonymous button... ISAL.
by kbnperez93 June 21, 2010
Adjective - Acronym for 'I'm such a lad'. Refers to behaviour or speech that suggests pretentiousness and belief of domination over others. Often done in a subtle manner, it can involve racism and sexism and is often done by immature individuals.
I hate those fags in the corner, always talking- it's just Isal
by Waste of paint December 09, 2014
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