IRS aka "incompetent rich sh*theads." Large group of incompetent thieves who were so terrible at stealing our money that they gave the government a cut of the loot in order to get legalized. They remain incompetent, and if they make a mistake they charge YOU interest and penalties for not babysitting them while they do their thievery (because "It's YOUR responsibility to know that we messed up," says the IRS). The IRS is the last vestige of legalized slavery. Since the IRS is also lazy, they do not want to bother with actual slave owning and instead use fear to force Americans to "give" the government part of their earnings, since the IRS thinks it owns your labor. Hm, I believe that owning another person's labor against their will used to be considered SLAVERY.
Yes, master. Would you like my paycheck in 10's or 20's? I will give that you right away, IRS, sir.
by I. M. Angry July 10, 2008
Internal Revenue Service
I lost my house to the IRS.
by Matt Miller January 15, 2004
"Infernal Revenue Service", how many Americans feel about the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. federal tax collection agency.
Legend has it that IRS employees scrutinize handwritten envelopes containing tax returns, and any addressed to the "Infernal" Revenue Service are flagged for audits.
by Grinning Cat April 18, 2008
The IRS took all my money.
by Persephone~ January 11, 2010
Income Removal Service

Fucken Bastards that steal peoples money for no fucken reason.
Dam I made a lot of money, but I can't keep it the IRS bastards are robbing me.
by LOCO210 March 01, 2010
INSURANCE Revenue Service. Congress' new health insurance plan that will make you buy health insurance from the people you hate.
Bud: we got a new IRS with lots more government.

Buddy: WTF??

booty whoreprouncle samcongressmansenatorcorruptionlobbyist
by Governor Ephraim December 21, 2009
A guild of thieves devised by the government (those sneaky bastards) that worship Roxat. Their belief is that our money should be used for less important things that no one cares about except them and the bums they support.
The IRS took my money just so Billy Joe could get a new TV.
by Me name is Ty April 15, 2008

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