One of thee sweetest rides of all times.
Introduced year 1982.
The first Camaro with factory fuel injection.
1. Have you seen john's bright red I-roc? It's the most beautiful creation man has givin us.

2. Screw coffee, the purr of my I-roc wakes me up in the morning.

3. John's favorite car is a bright red Camaro I-roc Z with T tops
by Johnny Davison January 13, 2010
Italian Retard Out Cruising (Seaside, NJ 1980's)
I Reek Of Cologne (see definition above)
I Race Old Cars (see both definitions above)
Frank, were you on Ocean Ave when that cologne wearing, North Jersey guido driving an IROC challenge the tommie driving a rusted out Dodge Dart to a drag race? What is he thinking? He'd lose so bad to the tommie's Dart that his hair mousse would even give out...
by econobiker July 10, 2008
Idiots Ride of Choice
Look at the cool guy in the IROC (used sarcastically)
by Winder March 16, 2003
I run over cakers!
This car was the best gino mobile of the 80s!Dude, Bud
by Steve November 28, 2003
A "souped up" version of the favorite hesher car, the Camaro
Hey, Look at that Guido driving that beat-to-shit IROC!
by celticgent February 25, 2003
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