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One of the sweetest rides of all time. Straightfoward, cool looking, straight up badass and fast as hell. This car doesent fuck around. I have a 86 IROC-Z and it will shit all over your little 4-banger rice anyday of the week. Oh and its 9 or 10 years older. Oh and i picked it up for four grand from some fat, drunk old guy that couldnt remember my name.
Oh look theres Rob in his 86 Iroc Camaro. Hes such a hottie.
#kickass #sweet #whip #camaro #manual
by IROC September 28, 2005
When a girl gets a wax in the 'landing strip' shape and then let's it grow out. Also resembles a storm cloud on top of the pubic bone. Business on the sides, party in the middle. See: porn star Allie Haze.
Have you seen that Mullet snatch on Allie haze? It is quite frightening!
#bush #waxing #hair #jungle #overgrown
by iroC February 08, 2014
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