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*Insert Relevant Acronym Here*, for when Lol or Lmao or else isn't sufficient to describe what you want.

When the implications need to be of a grander scheme, whereby we use the phrase IRAH.

A more general acronym, this one sits perfectly on the tongue.
GUY: Dude, I just saw a guy fall over


GUY: and he fell into a puddle, before a dog bit his in the arse.

by StymerLeak February 18, 2009
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Insert Random Acronym Here

Used as a joke at the end of a list of acronyms.
IMNSHO, I'd highly recommend Apple's PowerBook over IBM's ThinkPad, it seems more suited to your needs; of course IANAL, YMMV, IRAH.
by Kris K. January 19, 2006

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