A group on myspace. Consisting of a bunch of stuck up pussies. The owner looks like a faggot-ass raped ape mixed with some bitchassness mixed in. He is an ugly little fuck!

They have no lives. I have been in this group but moved on to AP.
Me: Did you see that bunch of pussies in IQ?
You: Hell yeah dawg them nigga mad lame yo.
by abitchwith a clit June 09, 2009
IQ is the scale of intelligence, the stats are here:

Me - Me
Fucking genius - Einstein
Average - Your lesbian neighbour
Retarded - Women
Useless - Cleverbot
Peter Griffin - Your step-dad
Avg CoD player - You
Living Condom Commercial - Your father
Lil Wayne - Your mother
Me: Hey what's your IQ?
Dumbass: What's IQ?
by SaviorZealot December 28, 2012
measurement of intelligence, lacked by common USA citizens, such as joe sixpack or George bush.
common symptoms of lack of such include redneckness, the use of the word America instead of United States of America, and possession of guns and ammo.
You really have to lack iq in order to live in USA.

there are some exemptions but they are rare
by <M November 06, 2008
What you don't have.
If you need to define IQ you need professional help. 'Nuff said.
by Proffessor Ecclestein August 25, 2008
An acronym for Intelligence Quotient, a quality that remains constant throughout a person's life. It is a ratio of mental age to actual age and determines the ability of an individual to succeed in and adapt to complex environments. IQ greatly influences the person's GPA, SAT scores, Education Level, Job Performance, Salary and Career Attainment.
Dumbo: Hey do you know why Bill Gates is the richest and most powerful man in the world, and why Microsoft is so successful?
Starto: Yes, it is because he has a really high IQ and makes sure that his company only hires high IQ people. I think Google is using the same hiring strategy.
Synonyms- Intelligence, Smartness.
Antonyms- EQ, Stupidness.
by IQ=138 January 26, 2006
Used to rate intelligence. Please see syclone for an example of outstanding IQ.

The opposite of smrat.
That syclone he has a high IQ. He could possibly conquer the known world.
by describer June 08, 2003
Despite what those unqualified in the field of psychology will tell you, IQ is an accurate of measurement of all kinds of intelligence. People with higher IQ's tend to do better in school, and have a more financially successful career.Alos, there are other methods of generating an IQ score than dividing mental age by real age, therefore adults can be tested as well.
I have never taken an IQ test from a qualified psychologist.
by oh shit i'm dead February 16, 2005

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