1. abbreviation for internet quiz

2. abbreviation for intelligence quotient,

both pointless, and a waste of time

1. y are there so many I.Q's around, are people really that bored?

2. the average I.Q is 100, i got a 98...i loose
by The airhead guy January 17, 2009
Something most people on Urban Dictionary don't have.
His IQ is about that of someone who uses Urban Dictionary.
by John Tugboat January 03, 2015
IQ stands for intelligence quotient. It's a scale that measures your intelligent.

The teachers and school people say I had a low iq when i was younger but now i ok.

I am high functioning , i live at home with my mom, im 36 and I do simple tasks such as dishes and vacuuming for mom.

I was tested at 73 iq. Borderling.
IQ is a test that test for intelligent.
by Mikey Todd Rehmeyer October 30, 2008
Stand for interesting questions
Guy 1: IQ test question #1: Do two ducks and two dogs have a total of fourteen legs?
Guy 2: hmmm...... interesting.....
by Goozy November 03, 2005
now used in the tech world to mean Image Quality
i wonder which video card has better iq
by uncle sam April 16, 2004
A group on myspace. Consisting of a bunch of stuck up pussies. The owner looks like a faggot-ass raped ape mixed with some bitchassness mixed in. He is an ugly little fuck!

They have no lives. I have been in this group but moved on to AP.
Me: Did you see that bunch of pussies in IQ?
You: Hell yeah dawg them nigga mad lame yo.
by abitchwith a clit June 09, 2009
Insomnia queen
Yo, that chick's a total IQ! She never sleeps!
by IQtothemax! October 11, 2008

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