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1. abbreviation for internet quiz

2. abbreviation for intelligence quotient,

both pointless, and a waste of time

1. y are there so many I.Q's around, are people really that bored?

2. the average I.Q is 100, i got a 98...i loose
by The airhead guy January 17, 2009
IQ stands for intelligence quotient. It's a scale that measures your intelligent.

The teachers and school people say I had a low iq when i was younger but now i ok.

I am high functioning , i live at home with my mom, im 36 and I do simple tasks such as dishes and vacuuming for mom.

I was tested at 73 iq. Borderling.
IQ is a test that test for intelligent.
by Mikey Todd Rehmeyer October 30, 2008
Stand for interesting questions
Guy 1: IQ test question #1: Do two ducks and two dogs have a total of fourteen legs?
Guy 2: hmmm...... interesting.....
by Goozy November 03, 2005
now used in the tech world to mean Image Quality
i wonder which video card has better iq
by uncle sam April 16, 2004
Insomnia queen
Yo, that chick's a total IQ! She never sleeps!
by IQtothemax! October 11, 2008
A group on myspace. Consisting of a bunch of stuck up pussies. The owner looks like a faggot-ass raped ape mixed with some bitchassness mixed in. He is an ugly little fuck!

They have no lives. I have been in this group but moved on to AP.
Me: Did you see that bunch of pussies in IQ?
You: Hell yeah dawg them nigga mad lame yo.
by abitchwith a clit June 09, 2009
Of no real importance to anything, except when someone is so off the mark when socialising/ courting/ drinking/ talking/ being in an interview that they quote there own!

This brings immediate clarity to the fact that they are a douchebag ass and most probably still a virgin, although not to the hand!
Burns: "im a genius, no i am, i really am, my IQ is 148"
by Chinky Pk St Lover March 04, 2004