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Instant Panty Dropper.
I just bought a bottle of Niagara Wine, for this price it better be an IPD.
by R0man August 10, 2007
It is a shortened version of the Word I Peed. it is to be use the same way you use LMAO or LOL.
Texter 1: dude your sister is so Hot. i want to butter her up like a butter biscuit.

texter 2: but butter biscuits are already buttered.

texter 1: IPD that's true...... maybe she is not so hot.
by lumpy19 July 03, 2009
Acronym for Instant Panty Dropper. Any sweet, highly alcoholich drink that girls like such as Bacardi Limon.
Feeling good tonight, the IPD's are in effect!!
by AndeeUnit August 26, 2004
Ipdiot, for the IPD idiots that can't spell "idiot".
"that girl studies IMD, what an ipdiot" - a stupid IPD student
by IMD the sex October 17, 2006
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