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IOC or Internal Oral Commentary is a assesment of the IB english course. Students are required to have knowledge of 2 or 5 texts depending if they are doing standard or high level english. The student is given one 40 line passage upon which to prepare a 12 minute speech in 20 minutes. It requires master bullshitting since few are able to in depth analyse everything in all 5 books before their IOC. Common side effects include crying, anxiaty, word blocks, and death.
How did Alex go on his IOC? He ran away crying before he entered the room.
by AcedtheIOC June 12, 2011
Incidental Oral Contact
Mike's lips were burning after he experienced I. O. C. with a stripper in the club. His friends Tom and Roger suggested that he visit the clinic.
by Cardoc January 19, 2011
Spineless. When you (as an individual or an organization) resolve to do the right thing, then chicken out like a complete wuss. Probably because you sold out for the money.
I though you had principles, but I was wrong. So IOC.
by subfuzion July 25, 2016
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