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Text speck acronym for "It's On Bitch."
Retard #1 texts Retard #2: "I don't appreciate what you said about my mother on your blog!"

Retard #2 texts Retard #1: "GFY"

Retard #1 texts Retard #2: "IOB"

Retard #1 and Retard #2 then beat each other up with golf clubs and baseball bats.
by Uncle Deercamp October 03, 2009
IOB is short for Influx of Bitches, a term used for when a large group or pack of girls enters a room, usually girls famous for being together or else anticipated by the people already in said room. Can also be used in reference to irritating girls, or to hot girls observed by bros.
Guy 1: Yo man, Cammie and all her friends just showed up!
Guy 2: Haha wow, IOB am I right??
by GingerAiled August 25, 2011
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