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Cool, awesome, orgasm
Inky or inking can substitute for any word having to do with cool or awesome.
"Woah that bracelet is totally inky!"
"I just inked all over you."
"Cara is so damn inky!"
by Caracreatesawesomewords February 01, 2009
Something or someone that is suspicious and/or creepy.
That guy skulking in the bushes is inky.
by D. Moore July 28, 2006
common slang in chicago meaning, having a lot of tattoos
im bout to go get inky.
j-mo inky, he covered in tattoos
by chicamp December 09, 2014
Is a term used mainly by {stoners} and it means that something is small, or bad. It was thought of when several children light a join that had ink on it. The ink was light and the stoners made the name "Inky"
Oh {shit} i cant believe you took such a small hit. That shit was inky.
by That guy. 1341242112 January 10, 2009
inky is used to describe someone or something that is creepy and or likes to lurk
Paul is a very inky kid.
by Ally and Shelby January 10, 2008
another word for pen
Hey can i borrow an inky to write down this address?
by T high skool May 31, 2009
another word for high
I just picked up a fresh eighth, we're gettin' inky tonight!
by Bruce Ilanimous Bob April 11, 2005

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