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Nick: "why are all our friends such indy kids?"

Brian: "ask ira!"
by the hangar September 03, 2008

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indie kid indie music fashion individual topman
(mostly caucasian men) face piercing, snobby, stuck up, tattooed, trendy, closed minded, skinny jean wearing assholes
. . . the type of guy you find at a "my chemical romance" or "new found glory" concert . . . the asshole version of an emo-kid
guy 1 : yo my nigga i like your shoes but those jeans are way to tight

guy 2 : my "nigga" ? im not black . . . your one of those hip-hop losers arent you ?

guy 1 : and your a god dam "indy kid" arent you ?
by fuck you pay me January 25, 2011