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indie kids. they're different, they don't all dress the same, nor do they all have wavy hair.

they're classified as indie because of the bands they listen to. The obscure ones that when you tell people what you're listening to, they don't know. This includes tapes n' tapes, black kids, i love you but i've chosen darkness, the french kicks and british sea power, among many others.

they are usually happy people, who carry their iPods around smiling in the summer sun. they be friends with whoever they like.

they wear clothes they've found in thrift stores and hippie markets and occasionally urban outfitters, never from hollister or anything like that. headbands are a plus, along with the wayfarer sunglasses.
kid: why are you so happy?
indie kid: i'm just listening to some tilly and the wall :]
kid: what? who are they?
by tessssa April 22, 2008

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