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The most amazing place on the internet, where Jonas Brothers fans come together and chat about random things, including, but not limited to: rape, Mean Girls, each other, and of course, the Jonas Brothers.

There are many people that go on here, such as Katelyn, Zeena, Meg, Noor, Zeena, Emma, Ally, Ilana, Jessica, and many many more.

They all bond together, calling each other "Jonas Sisters".

The board is quite active.
"What's Kah Mench Kah Hooga?"

"Oh, it's an IMDbJB thing. You wouldn't get it."
by Kelly9991 November 17, 2008
The "Jonas Brothers" board, on the Internet Movie Database.

Topics are on, some off.

Discuss the band here, with other fans.
Guy 1: Is there a place I could go discuss the Jonas Brothers?

Guy 2: You could try IMDbJB.
by 1234____________1 December 18, 2008
A place of magical creations, Jonas discussions, gossip girl, Danjaboi, Barney, It's a Small World, Space Mountain, Kasey's daily pictures, Bubbly, Anons with no life, Mean girls and cupcakes filled with rainbows. It's an addiction.
"Have you heard of IMDbJB?"
"You mean the awesomest place in the world?"
"I guess...soo"
"I Know So. Check out the situations."
by NAHT ANONYMOUS November 09, 2008
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