I.. intensley abnormal/out of ordinary
M.. major asshole
C.. cute butt can be gauche
ian marcus costas
by COMPUTER January 02, 2004
Top Definition
Stands for the International Munter Club, usually used as an insult towards a particularly ugly women.
You bad enough to be the IMC's President and Vice-President
by Im a flatliner January 25, 2011
I.ndependent M.edia C.enter
IMC is an acronym refering to the Anarcho-syndicalist techno-movement based on media propagation, and alternative media.
I went down to the local imc to get the dates and times for when the revoution was starting.
by zro@redtv November 29, 2004
Means" In my case".
Synonyms; from my perspective.

That's literally it.
"Imc however, it would recuire much more effort than I am redy to give up, you'll have to ask Kasy instead. "
by BigOl'Nerd June 15, 2016
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