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I'm Just Saying: Used to add emphasis, or express irony. Can also be used to express sarcasm. Can be used on the back of almost any sentence, IJS.
Person 1: how was that movie
Person 2: That crap was straight booty, IJS

Person 1: did you see the new guy
Person 2: I'm still having wet dreams, IJS
by nainai 22 August 28, 2006
It stands for I Just Smiled. Instead of using "lol" even when you don't laugh, use ijs if you cracked a smile
Boy: Do you want to hear a joke?
Girl: sure
Boy: Two fish swim in to a concrete wall. One turns to the other and says "Dam"
Girl: ijs
by emokidsqt November 21, 2009
acronym, it stands for "intellectual jewish stoner", and refers to any guy who fits that general description - they general enjoy jam bands and/or jazz, really good books, weed, and birkenstocks. many have jewfros, and play in a band. they're usually rather politically liberal, and from one of the coasts, though they are most commonly found in the northeast.
Girl 1:I can't believe I ran into Danny at the DMB concert! It was so awkward. He was extremely blazed.
Girl 2:Obviously. He's a total IJS.
by norrie September 23, 2007