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I JUST GIGGLED. Created for those who overuse "lol" and want a change. Also used for those who feel "lol" is overrated. Created By: Ben Esham September 21, 2007. Popularized by Marla Ferguson.
Ijg, wow that is so cliche..
by asdfghjkl;qwertyuioop July 15, 2010
I just giggled. The reality of what people do when they type "LOL" or "LMAO" and the preferred method of response from Jeffrey Ingman.
Laughing your ass off? Yeah right! I'd rather you be honest and type IJG for "I just giggled!" than giving me that bullshit.
by JobyOBrien January 19, 2011
I just grinned. Commonly used in a conversation when the joke does not generate a full on laugh, but instead a grin. It is considered to be a step down from lol, but at the same time lets people know that their joke was mildly funny.
"nice shot yo" (sarcasm)

response: "ijg"
by ChazB April 05, 2011
I Just Giggled. Usually replaces the old 'lol'
Person 1 - "That's so funny... lol"
Person 2 - "i know... ijg"
by Scarlett Ellenburg July 02, 2010

it is a replacement for LOL (laugh out loud) for people who want something new or feel it is overrated. It is owned by and was created by Erin Schoch on October 19, 2009. Co-owner is Justina Grant.
You slapped me with a fish! IJG
by JMiggyG October 16, 2009