Can often be confused with IBC (root beer)
Man1: "Hey go grab me an IBC from the basement."

Man2 * enters basement, thinks IED?, comes back up * "When the hell did we start building bombs down here?"
by L to the EFOS December 22, 2008
(pronounced id)

verb -

The act of cuffing one hand, placing it under a male's testicles, and levitating the hand up then down in one quick fluid movement. The one who is doing the action can also stick his or her ring finger up the anus of the male that is being ieded.
Jeff: Last night was great. You should have stuck around! You would not believe what Gina did!

Mark: Did she ied you?!

Jeff: Twice!
by wwhbhfs September 11, 2009
ultimate past tense verb, add it or "ed" to the end of any word to change it into a past tense verb. also a very badly misspelled version of the word die
Look in the task bar menu till you find an icon labled IED, right click on it, a window will pop up called IED settngs. click the dropdown bar and change your settings from ied to die. that should fix your problem.
by leon July 25, 2004

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