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Even dumb people have found a way to abbreviate. IDN stands for "I don't no." An educated person says "I don't know," which can be abbreviated to "IDK." If you see someone that types "IDN" on a regular basis, you know that their IQ isn't very high.

NOTE: If said person is dumb enough to use IDN, I doubt they'd take the time to use capitals, making it "idn."

You may also see "IN", or "in," which can translate into the opposite: "I know," or to an educated abbreviator, "ik. "
First dumb person: hey britney do u like jake
Second dumb person: idn i here hes pretty dum
First dumb person: but hes so hott
Second dumb person: ya in lol

First smart person: Hey, Britney, do you like Jake?
Second smart person: I don't know, I hear he's pretty dumb.
First smart person: But he's so attractive.

Second smart person: Yeah, I know.
by JacksonCampbell July 18, 2010
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i do not
idn like the rolling stones
by dog-called-bambi September 15, 2008
i drive now....................
idn cuz i jus got my permit.
by Katti July 17, 2006
Word used by a Danielle
Person 1: When will we pour chocolate syrup on each other?
Person 2: IDN
by Shay Shay July 06, 2003

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