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Insane Cock Brother. An individual with genitalia of an excessive level, almost to the point of shocking. Words usually used to describe an ICB include omg and wtf.
"Dude, it's almost 9 inches?"
"Yeah, I'm a real ICB."
by Incisions January 26, 2007
ICB, adj. ICB'd - International Cock Block, A form of cock block that occurs over international water or away from a domestic land. An ICB would naturally happen from a known or frequent domestic CB or Cock blocker. Never a suprise no matter what country they are in. Always better to leave a CB or ICB at home.
While on our trip to Mecca, Michael Mason ICB'd me while I tried to hook up with a super model from Spain.
by steve borgelt February 09, 2004
a place where posters himp, and butsekz eachother, while drinking beer, and fondling fattyb. also known as the insider community board
why helo thar, butsekz?! OMGWTF!!! :x
by da_bomb193 August 04, 2003