Imaginary Celebrity Boyfriend - commonly used by fangirls to express who their favourite celebrity is, and that the specified celeb is their personal Imaginary Celebrity Boyfriend, or ICB.
"Omigod! *insert chosen stars name here*?! He's totally my ICB!"
by Obsessed77 July 21, 2005
ICB, adj. ICB'd - International Cock Block, A form of cock block that occurs over international water or away from a domestic land. An ICB would naturally happen from a known or frequent domestic CB or Cock blocker. Never a suprise no matter what country they are in. Always better to leave a CB or ICB at home.
While on our trip to Mecca, Michael Mason ICB'd me while I tried to hook up with a super model from Spain.
by steve borgelt February 09, 2004
a place where posters himp, and butsekz eachother, while drinking beer, and fondling fattyb. also known as the insider community board
why helo thar, butsekz?! OMGWTF!!! :x
by da_bomb193 August 04, 2003

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