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I'd Be Gutted, When somthing bad happens to one of your mates, but you dont really give a shit.(mainly used on the internet)
James: I just crashed my car

Richard: IBG
by CrAzY March 08, 2004

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In-boxy goodness
Pictures or videos that are sent to someones inbox which usually contain images of the sender nude or partially naked.
Duane: Tits or GTFO
Lianne: Tits bbz
Duane: kk, send me the IBG nucca
by Mingleville January 09, 2008
Means : I'd be gutted. Used by people at McDonalds when they have to do stuff like clean the toilets or serve some prick customer.
Rich: " I got to go on lobby"

Daniel: "I'd be gutted"
by FincH March 10, 2004
Used as an insultive discomforting when someone is after sympathy
Mark: My wife just left me and I don't know what to do mate (cries)
Simon: IBG
Mark: F--K OFF
by Nick March 10, 2004