Misspelling of I'm or I am.
I get annoyed when people misspell "I'm" and use "i'am".
by NahFaSho July 11, 2005
Top Definition
Best french rap band of the 90's along with ntm , having sold millions of albums, and having collaborated with artists such as Prodigal Sunn, Method man, Redman, Rahzel...

but getting lame nowadays, and members are growing apart :(
try "un bon son brute pour les truands - IAM" on youtube, dope music.
by WellwellMr May 12, 2011
One who takes recognition in something they are.
"I Am Powerful", "I Am Beautiful", "I Am Gay", "I Am Strong", "I Am a person who can freely express who I Am" & etc..
by i Am The Truth June 26, 2013
a hand-stitched quilt that serves also as a way to hold something. pronounced- eeuhmms
My aunt made that iam!
by bibb! October 22, 2007
Pronounced (Yam kinda like that nasty dark red thing you dont eat on thanksgiving but is put on the table anyways). Iam is used in place of the word thing.
look at that iam.
i spilt beer on that iam
that iam is fuckin good.
by stevefarr May 10, 2005
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