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Identified Butt Snatcher: The close cousin of the UFO's. The aliens that drive the IBS have been identified and scientifically classified. Instead of probing the ass, they simply probe it with their own "Tool".
If youre lucky you will have a close encounter with the IBS and they will take you to Uranus
by bobby April 05, 2003
3 16
Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It's when your sphincter releases liquid hot magma loaf-demons unreservedly and without reason.
Cordova: Hey Jim, what's the deal? Why is there brown fluid spilling down your legs?
Jim: It's IBS. And it burns.
Cordova: Haha, it must suck to feel like a moron.
Jim: stfu bbq!
Cordova: Roflmao knewb, I'm not the one with IBS!
by October 03, 2005
174 108
Intelligent Bullshit--the stuff that is written and submitted for a grade that is essentially bullshit, but it sounds intelligent
"Dude, what did you write for your lab report discussion"
Nothing man just IBS
by DarwinsWetDream September 27, 2011
62 17
I.B.S. stands for Itchy Ball Syndrome. Applying to most males, when sweat forms inbetween the crevices of your ballsack and inner thigh. To releive yourself from this horrid disease a simple pinching motion to get your balls away from your leg is used.
It was about 100 degrees kelvin and i could feel that I.B.S. acting up already
by Soleau October 12, 2005
39 22
Irritable Bhatia Syndrome
He spent the whole morning crapping all over us. It must be his IBS acting up.
by Cougar and Cub September 11, 2012
12 7
Incredible Book Syndrome. A condition requiring frequent and prolonged trips to the bathroom in an attempt to finish a book with minimum interruptions from friends or family members.
I wanted to finish up Assassin's Quest the other night, but my wife wanted to watch Dancing with the Stars together, so I came down with IBS.
by tycho82 May 28, 2012
11 9
acronym for Itchy Balls.
"dude, i got a case of the ib's, son."
"i told you not to sleep with shelia. she gave you crabs."
by grantaclause November 17, 2007
6 4
Itchy Ball Syndrome, occurs frequently for those with an excess amounts of fromunda cheese.
You see Mark, handling his I.B.S., poor guy, he was born taintless you know
by Frito_Pendejo May 29, 2007
9 7