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stands for,It's all bullshit.
I.A.B when your teachers tell you to try harder when you know that you are doing your best in school.
by RockPrincess June 10, 2008
It's All Bullshit. Most widely known from the 2005 film, "Dirty Deeds".

High school, racism, differences in people, and meaningless mama drama crap are all bullshit
Don't care what other people think because IAB
by IAB July 10, 2008
Abbreviation for 'in a bit'. Used mainly in text messages, e-mails and instant messaging.
'Do u wanna cm 2 my house 2day??'
'Yh, fo sho, ill b ther iab!'
by Cross Dressing Gorilla July 15, 2008
Meaning 'It's all bullshit'
Coming from the 2005 film 'Dirty Deeds' which says 'IAB'
IABS is a clearer way of saying Its all bullshit
because IAB could mean 'I am bored'
Person one: "Dude! i heard your girlfriend fucked tom last night!!"
Person two: "Na man, IABS, She was with me the whole time"
by jellycat713 March 01, 2011
Stands for Insanely Awesome Bitch, something that describes the great gynecocynic cynophile M and her utter epitomeness of pulchritude and bitchitude; can be extended to any girl who can be both awesome and a bitch at the same time, thus making them insanely entertaining.

It's what all of M's friends call her, and was first invented and used by the effulgent Zorbalicious.
"Every girl has an inner bitch, mine's just not so inner," said the crux of iabidity, the one and only M.
by TeamIAB June 05, 2009
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