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"Idiot Mail" or the endless amount of ridiculous and inane email one receives from idiots all day long, especially at work or in a corporate context.
"I just got a bunch of I-mails from that idiot in marketing" or "why does corporate insist on I-mailing us this crap all day long?"
by hadabadday June 15, 2009
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Abbreviation of "Internal mail". The often used method of communication in offices around the globe.
Worker 1: "I need to see it by the end of the week."
Worker 2: "I'll put a copy in the i-mail."
by MisterLamps April 24, 2008
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An "IMail" is an Instant Message that is much longer than your standard one word or even one sentence message. Essentially, taking the "Instant" out of "Instant Messaging".
Chatting with Steph is so annoying. She's always replying with these loooong IMails!
by clubnobbie April 20, 2010
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