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A phrase used by Tumblr users to detect another Tumblr user in the real world. Appropriate response is "Thanks, I stole them from the president!"
(Tumblr user out in public)
"I like your shoelaces"
(The respondent that is also a Tumblr User)
"Thanks, I stole them from the president!"
by Whovian-classicrock-fandom November 16, 2012
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A *secret* phrase used to try to identify fellow bloggers from Tumblr. Used on other websites or in real life regardless of the footwear they are wearing.

The correct response is "I stole them from the president."
"Hey, uh... I like your shoelaces?"
"I stole them from the president *snigger*"
(Exchange URLs etc)
by November 18, 2012
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A phrase used to identify those who use tumblr on other websites or IRL.

"Hey, uh, I like your shoelaces."

"Me, too! What's your blog name?"
by Stephani-dftba July 30, 2012
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