A generation of spoiled undisciplined greedy lazy and delusional children born in the 90's, Named ikid's not only for ipods iphones ipad's but also every second sentence starts with "I"
"I want this"
"I want that"
"I want you to buy me the new ipod"
"Im not an Ikid"
by therealworld February 20, 2010
Top Definition
It is a somewhat old fashioned way of saying "just kidding." It sounds more Shakespearean than "jk d00000d."
Person A: Bitch, I'll kick your ass!
Person B: *Gasp* You have such a sailor mouth!
Person A: What the motherf**k??
Person B: Har har, I kid, you old sea dog!
Person A: Har har har har!
by Ben L. January 08, 2006
the generation of youth born in 1990's.
characterized by the ipods, macs, and other apple products by which they use
Andy: What do you mean you dont know how to an ipod works?! Youre an ikid!
Me:Not my fault they gave me an mp3 player!
by igirl December 29, 2009
a product designed to aid parents and old folk with acting young
"damn wippasnappers!!1 Good thing i've got my ikid with me!!"
by lowlowgungunkaikai September 20, 2008
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