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When enough is enough. The limit or breaking point in a situation.
Why is that fat troll engaged, and I don't even have a boyfriend. I can't!
by JJFADS January 07, 2005
A saying that means "i cannot handle this" or, "wow". A saying that shows disblelief.
girl 1 "that skinny girl was all like 'omg im so fat' "
girl 2 " (rolls eyes) i cant"

example 2
jan "did you see her facebook status? she wrote about how she's so hot and everyone wants her"
karen "ugh i cant bro"
by ican December 08, 2010
' I Can't' is used by teenagers now-a-days to express their feelings towards particular could be either unbearable or any feelings in that matter..such as opinions.
person 1 : "let me tell you a joke..what happened when the chicken crossed the road?"
person 2 : "What?"
person 1 : " The car hit it"
person 2 : "OMG!! ur sooooooo sad i can't"

two persons walking on the street pass a little boy in the age of 5 walking with his mother wearing a shirt which says.."Wuv me?"
the 1st person says to the 2nd person
1st person: " Did u see the shirt that boy was wearing?"
2nd person: " Yes.It was sooo cuuuuute. I can't!!!"
by Anoria S February 02, 2007
A popular thing to say on Tumblr when something, particularly a post, where it's so stupid or funny that you just can't. You can't laugh or shake your head, because it's so ridiculous.
A: "No one asked me to prom, so I took my calculator. His name is T.I. (Texas Instruments)"
by Tumblrer May 06, 2013
A term used when one hears/sees/experiences something outrageous, appalling, or just crazy in general. "iCan't" is quite versatile, and applies to negative, positive, or neutral events.
"Did you really just do the splits in that raggedy Baby Phat miniskirt?! iCan't!"
by kramerpalazzo April 29, 2010
To express any emotion like anger or happiness in a way that shows that you literally cannot take it.
Sanndra " Hey Mia have you seen that new guy"
Mia "OMG that boy was to cute today! I can't"
by PrettyKiss July 23, 2013
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