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When enough is enough. The limit or breaking point in a situation.
Why is that fat troll engaged, and I don't even have a boyfriend. I can't!
by JJFADS January 07, 2005
A quarter booth where one can view pornography. Usually supplied with a stool, towels, and disgusting sperm odor. For the extremely skanky.
I can't believe he went into a spooge booth....fucking skank!
by JJFADS January 07, 2005
Nosy people. Originally sung by the hip hop group, J.J. Fad.
Supersonic is a word when people start to listen. Especially bigger people they pay close attention. You might not believe it, you might not even buy it, when it comes to our ladies, you might even try it. SUPERSONIC.
by JJFADS January 07, 2005
Fighting words when refering to ones distance when fierce words are spoken. Circa 1997.
Yo, get out of my face. Your breath!
by JJFADS January 07, 2005

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