a worm for windows 9x systems. spreads through email
oh fuck i got infected with iloveyou and now i cant boot my computer!
by Lovethecreeper April 20, 2015
the three most difficult words to say and when you say them, it always seems too late
Rose: I love you
Ten: ...quite right too. And I suppose if it's my last chance to say it Rose Tyler I--
by Winter Alyson February 13, 2015
the three easiest words to say to anyone, except the person you actually in love with.
Jane: i love you, mom.
Mother: Love you too.

Jane's Boyfriend: Hey jane, just wanted to say i love you.
Jane: err....
by talex April 20, 2012
The words my mother never said to me...
All I wanted my mom to say to me was "I love you"
The words to say when you have those feelings towards someone. When it's more than liking someone. Whether it's the personality you love or the looks. The words you say when your heart swells up 100x and beats really fast whenever you see the person.
1: I love you
2: I love you too.

^ Therefore these two are sharing the true love. TRUE.
by secretme;)98 February 14, 2012
something you say to a person you like
it doesnt always work out as planned
Jaime: "I Love You Yvette"
Yvette: "i'm sorry but i don't love you"
Jaime: "i'm so ,disappointed and depressed i'm think i am going to move on to Mona"
by cutecupcake June 03, 2015
Something players use to get into a girls pants.
Guy 1: Dude i had some sweet loving last night
Guy 2: How did you do that
Guy 1: I told her I love you
Guy 2: I have to use that next time
by Never_Gonna_Feel_The_Same April 14, 2015
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