The words to say when you have those feelings towards someone. When it's more than liking someone. Whether it's the personality you love or the looks. The words you say when your heart swells up 100x and beats really fast whenever you see the person.
1: I love you
2: I love you too.

^ Therefore these two are sharing the true love. TRUE.
by secretme;)98 February 14, 2012
The pick up line that stopped working in the eighties. Saying it too quickly will undoubtably result in you looking like a crazy stalker.
Girl 1:...and then he said "I love you Carol!".
Girl 2: He loves you? But you've only met him twice...
Girl 1: I know and allready he's getting all clingy!
Girl 2: He's such a stalker...
by Michael Heroin February 02, 2006
The most heart warming words you can ever hear. Words that are usually hard to believe and used as a joke but once you find the THAT person, when they say those three words every other thought just goes away.

Also the words i will never ever get tired of saying to Riley. You make my life worth living, even when everything else is shit. I want you forever.
Riley: i love you baby
Helena: i love you too
by ohfasho-laxbro October 16, 2011
Katie loves Jake the most, She always has and always will.
katie: i love you the most (:
jake: no no no
katie: yes you cant argue it now its a known fact
by themskls August 15, 2011
I Love You

A way of saying goodbye. I.E., One Love. I = Roman Numeral for 1. The comma between love and the word you is implied. When most people say goodbye to someone for whom they have a romantic or familial love, they often just say "Love you", with the I--since speaking from the first person is already understood--being implied.

Okay, I'm leaving. I love you"--implied, "Okay, I'm leaving. I Love, you.
Okay, I'm leaving. I love you"--implied, "Okay, I'm leaving. I Love, you.
by The Phoenixx February 27, 2011
something boys never mean.
boy in june: i love you more than words could ever say.

boy in october: i love //her// more than words could ever say.
by Carrieoox October 08, 2007
a general term that players say to you to make you fall for them.
" Hey babe.. I love you"
by Stranger124153426132132 October 25, 2011

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