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What the majority of ignorant racist people begin their completely racist statements with, to try to justify what they are about to say... which is usually racist.

NOTE: Usually uneducated Facebook user's contribute to the vast amount of these racist comments on the internet.
Sarah's FB status: I'm-not-racist-but... asians r anoyin me so much today, I meen seriusly go back to pakistan or werever u cum from HARHARHAR lol!

*20 uneducated white people like this*
by jayjayg7 January 11, 2012
A term used by most racists who are in denial about the fact that they are racist. This phrase is usually followed by "I've got a black friend..."
Usually heard from people who read the daily mail
*I'm not racist but... I think that black people should go back to africa*
by Jazbob January 19, 2011
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