bring it up again, and I break your face, asshole.

Similar to: stfu
Considerate asshole/friend: Dude... sorry about M...elany. Yeah, she was hot. That's too bad man.

Response: Her name is Melissa. Oh, but uh, I'm over it.
Friend: Dude... you crying?
Response: hell no, let's just watch TV.
by Rob April 20, 2004
To be on top of something

To be over a relationship
(take notice when one says they are over a relatiohship that they are attempting to decieve oneself in order to take steps to become truely over a relatiohsip)... unless of course you're a girl, in which case, by saying ur over it you really mean it to the guy, but deep down won't admit to yourself that you truely are . . . if ur a guy and you say this, it means you are hopelessly lost in a sea of despair trying to search for that lost love . . . *ahem* thanks rebecca
FBMP I'm over it me and jenn are thorugh!
RC: yeah rite... when you say u are, ur really not... but it's good that ur taking the correct steps to getting over her
by FBMP April 20, 2004
After having blown something insignificant out of proportion, a person may use the phrase "I'm over it" in an attempt to save face and maintain the guise of a seemingly laid back attitude. This may directly contradict a preceding statement.
In this particular example of "I'm over it", the subject is a towel which has been left hanging outside the laundry, awaiting the next load of washing.

Amy: "Can we do something that towel?"
Dan: "It has only been there a few days, I'll put it in with the next load of washing"
Amy: "Well you know how I feel about towels... I'm over towels!!!"
by BareGriss September 10, 2009
1) Said by someone who is indifferent to a given situation

2) Said by someone who is trying to convince themselves that they are over a particular given situation.
Alex keeps saying she's over it, but, I don't really see how she could be when she keeps saying she is.
by zoey April 25, 2004
Sorry to sound emo but... it is most commonly when you get dumped and you try to hide the sorrow or whatever, and youre like... "im over it"... but you really arent.

Or... if you ARENT emo... then it means youre done w/ something, like.. ahh screw that.
person one: im sorry i broke your guitar.
person two: its ok, im over it. oh ok. im lying. you fruitstick, buy me a new guitar!
by dizzLe April 24, 2004

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