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short for "I'm down with that", meaning, "I am in agreeance with the current topic of discussion."
"So Mad Dog, you want to go throw rocks at a man?"
"I'm down."
by Mikey McNasty November 11, 2003
503 165
1.To be cool with.
2.Saying that you understand.
'I'm down with the clown 'til I'm dead in the ground'
by DCrookZ November 11, 2003
162 97
when you're ok with down something
you guys gonna blaze? i'm down for it.
by peter November 11, 2003
128 112
two common uses: 1)a way of agreeing to do something. 2)a way to tell someone of homosexual status.
1)"wanna go to the movies tonight?"
"yea, i'm down."
2)In a gay club: "hey, i didn't know you were gay."
"oh yea, i'm down."
by anonymous November 12, 2003
49 225