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To be independent or do what you want to do. Not letting other people influence your decisions.

Just being the man.
Nah, I'm doing me.
by 30 Wrecker June 14, 2010
91 18
The act of taking care of yourself first. Making yourself happy. Not trying to please others.
Don't you feel bad for doing that?

Nope. I'm doing me!
by trueself February 21, 2011
52 11
When a chick doesn't want to commit to a relationship, usually because she is in a it's complicated situation or she is low key fucking her ex or other dudes, trying to get her sluttiness out of her system before settling down.
Jerome: you know I feel you Lakisha, lets make this happen.

Lakisha: you're a good friend, but I just broke up with my ex. Right now, I'm doing me.
by AT April 03, 2011
15 27
;I'm really masturbating, but i want people to think I'm giving myself time

;a subtle way of telling everyone you're masturbating

It's not you... It's me... and I'm doing me, a lot better than you did me
by jahanze June 20, 2011
14 27