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The common response to a case of mistaken identity whereby someone wrongly suspects you of being their bitch.
"I'm afraid I must inform you that I'm not your bitch, I believe that might be your bitch sitting over there. Have a nice day."
by The Definitionizer December 01, 2006
A sentence used for a person being bossy who refuses to do anything himself, saying that you are not his personal slave, or "bitch."
Bob: Hey, Jim, mind grabbin me a Coke?
Jim: Okay.
Bob: Hey, get me a box of tissues.
Jim: Uggh, okay, fine.
Bob: Can you get me the remote for the TV?
Jim: Shut up and do it yourself. I'm not your bitch!
by Matjlav August 30, 2006
A response to obnoxious people who demand you to do their crap. They will request something unreasonable or treat you like "their bitch"
Obnoxious "When I tell you to do something You do it." Response "I'm not your bitch"
by Douchebagtwerp March 23, 2011