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Ugly girl, "Will you go out with me?"

Devin, "Ill think about it..."
by dshiznit09 October 16, 2009
a term the ladys find to avoid an issue at hand, usually implying no. similar to the women's vocabulary ofpeople change and does this make my butt look big
FBMP: wanna go with me?
rc: I'll Think about it
by FBMP April 20, 2004
A way of saying 'No' without disappointing the person you're talking to.This phrase is used mostly by parents ,and girls.
Guy 1 :Hey, I kinda like you, will you go out with me?
Girl 1 :I'll think about it.

Son 1 : Dad, Can I get an iPad?
Dad 1 : I won't get it for you now ,but I'll think about it.

Guy 1 : Can you accept my definition urban-dictionary.com?
Urban-Dictionary.com: I'll think about it.
by Asmar January 26, 2011
what it means: NO.

used by people who dont want to say no to someone's face.
Ex. 1
john: can i have a raise?
boss: i'll think about it.

john: we all know what that means....

Ex 2.

dude 1: Wanna catch a movie
dude 2: ill think about it
dude 1: k.

Ex 3.

girl: Hey mom? Can I go catch a R movie with my friends at midnight?
mom: *sigh. I'll think about it.
by hashendonitsme May 28, 2013